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Click to see party characters like Elsa, Moana, Ariel, plus 73 more. Face painter, magician, balloon twister, puppets, pro singer and more. Serving cities within 100 miles of San Francisco.

Parents, this website is different! Kris NEVER sends subcontractors. This website is one person (or two, if you add Kris' pal). Kris comes herself.

Sadly, as parents know, characters are notorious for being unreliable. Other big sites are forced to rely on contractors who are part-time and often new. Kris gets it! She owned a huge website and learned the hard way every possible thing that can go wrong when sending out subs.

In 2014, Kris made the biggest decision of her life. She joyfully returned to doing every party herself! This site is unique because parents can trust that the person advertised in photos is really who comes. Every time. You know her real name and experience level.

Kris plays 73+ party characters for kids of all genders. She is lucky to have personally driven to over three-thousand kid parties in the S.F. Bay Area, where she has brought magic shows, puppets, speed glitter face painting, twisty balloons, professional singing (hard to find!), and more.

It's reassuring to not risk your child's big day to a huge website's unspecified sub. The difference will be clear from the moment Kris walks in... Singing.

Welcome to Magic Princess!

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73+ characters, for all genders. Don't see what you need? Click to ask. It's normal to not know your character or activity choices yet. Blocking a date is the only time-sensitive step.

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Unlimited activities + unlimited kids = unlimited fun!

Better price model! I do NOT charge to add activities. I do NOT charge to add children. 

Sings All Famous Princess Songs
The melt-your-heart dream moment.

Magic and Puppet Shows
Special attention on the birthday child.

Twisty Balloons, Face Paint and more!
Kris is a FAST painter. Means less waiting.

Text your date to (510)495-5564 for FAST price and availability.